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New WIP Fic: Gilt Cage. Fandom Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover

Title: Gilt Cage

Author: Glenda

Rating: Adult Only

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/other.

Summary: Ianto has an historic stalker.

Notes: The beginning might be a little antigwen but no harm is meant.

Chapter 1


Ianto ran down the dark alley. He was sure the Weevil had headed this way but there didn’t appear to be any sign of him now. He shone his torch around the garbage cans. Nothing.

“The least the damn beast could do after messing up my plans for the night would be to let me catch him.” Not that his plans had been anything all that grand. He thought he might be able to get Jack to go out for dinner. Not like a real date or anything.

So much for Jack’s promise about their relationship changing. They hadn’t even made it on the date Jack asked him for when he got back from wherever the hell it was he went for those three months.

They had made plans to go out for a movie but they had ended up in a warehouse with a space whale and with him facing a gun. He had hoped afterwards Jack would want to spend some time with him but the captain just wanted to sit and sulk over Gwen choosing Rhys over him.

A couple of weeks later and it still stuck in his craw. He wished Jack would just get it over with and tell Gwen how he felt about her; so Jack could break his heart and they could all move on.

“Tosh, Owen, Ianto, you guys see anything?” Jack asked, over the com breaking through Ianto’s black thoughts.

“I’ve got bugger all,” Owen’s London accent said in his ear.

“I don’t see any sign of weevil activity either, Jack,” Tosh said. “Maybe it was a false alarm.”

“Damn,” Jack said. “I’m not finding anything either. Guess we can head back to the hub and pick up where we left off before we were called out, right Ianto?”

Great, Jack would be in the mood for a little fun no matter, even if he was anything but. He still couldn’t believe that Jack has refused to call Gwen in to help with the weevils.

Heaven forbid anything would interrupt Gwen and her darling Rhys’ date. Jack had the nerve to remind him that Rhys was still recovering from a gunshot wound and needed some alone time with Gwen. It seemed no one remembered that he had been held at gun point too, and it was only because of the gun malfunctioning that he was even here at all.

What about the date with Jack that he had planned? Not that he would ever call what he and Jack has dating. Not to Jack’s face. He gave up expecting flowers, candle light and a table a while ago. If he was lucky he might end up with a few chips after Jack took him against the wall. And who said romance is dead?

A sudden sound from the end of the alley stopped any more thoughts about Jack’s lack of romance.

“I think I’ve got something,” Ianto whispered into the mouth piece.

“Can you see him? Is there more than one?” Jack asked over the comm.

Ianto went further down the alley. Green eyes of a feral cat stared at him. The orange feline gave him a hiss for interrupting his dinner. “Sorry mate. I know what it’s like to have someone mess up your plans.” He gave a last look around, shining his light into all the corners.

“No, Jack, nothing here but a few alley cats. I think he must have gone back into the sewer. I’ll take another quick look around and meet back up with you at the SUV.”

“Be careful.”

“As if I am anything but,” Ianto said, rolling his eyes. He jumped at the sound of a garbage can being knocked over. “Shit, what a wanker I am. Jumping at stupid cats. You won’t get me again you mangy flea bag.”

Ianto got a roar as his answer. He wasn’t as alone as he thought. Ianto pulled out his stun gun; keeping it down at his side. In his other hand he had the can of Weevil spray. “Fuck. Jack?” He tapped at his com. He got nothing but static.

 “Well, aren’t you something?”

Ianto jumped at the voice from the shadows. “Jack? Jack, what are you doing here? I told you I’d meet you when I was done. If you are checking up on me I’ll shoot you. I’ve managed worst than one damn weevil.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, sport, but I’m not this Jack. I think I’m disappointed though.”

Ianto holstered his stun gun. He would have to be dead for a hundred years not to recognize that voice. It sounded a little different, more mellow, a little more teasing. Just the same, he was tired, hungry and as much as he hated to admit it to himself a little horny. He took a step toward the voice and stepping in something squishy and stinking. Great, he ruined another pair of shoes; his suit was gone the minute he got out of the SUV at the start of the evening. Owen had tripped him and he had gone head first into a pile of rotten Chinese. He tried to block out the sound of Jack laughing.

“So, not in the mood for your stupid tricks, Captain Harkness. Get your ass out here. You so owe me for laughing when I tripped outside Huang’s Diner. You and Owen both are getting decaf for the next month.”

“Like I said earlier I’m not Jack, and from your tone. I think I’ve changed my mind about wanting to be him. Good thing I’m going to be saving him from this decaf you’re talking about.”

Ianto rolled his eyes; fine he could play along with Jack and his stupid roll playing. It’s not like they hadn’t done this before.

“Fine, I’ll play along. So, if you aren’t Jack, then who the hell are you?” He hoped his pissiness showed. He wanted to get this over with and get back to the hub for some take away and a hot shower.

“Well, most people I know call me Time Agent 14.”

Ianto gasped as a man emerged from the shadows. If it wasn’t Jack it was his twin; right down to the twinkle in those sky blue eyes. Eyes that had no wrinkles, broad shoulders that looked like they didn’t have the weight of the world or the universe on them. He knew it was insane but just the same, he knew this wasn’t his Jack.

“What do you want?” Ianto slowly reached into the back of his pants where he had put his stun gun. The last thing he needed was a dead Jack Harkness. With his luck that would end up causing the universe to implode.

“Ah, ah, ah, hands out. Keep them up where I can see them.” Agent 14 waved a large silver gun at Ianto, indicating for him to put his hands up. There was a red light shining out of the site. It was reflecting off of the white of Ianto’s dress shirt; right above his heart.

Ianto raised his hands up. “Whoa take it easy. Why don’t you tell me what it is you want?”

The time agent came closer. Ianto caught a whiff of the man before him. Ah shit, that smell alone left him no doubt that this was the man who would later become his lover.

“Maybe we can have some fun later,” 14 said, leaning in closer, returning the sniff. “I’ve always had a soft spot, well, not that soft.” To make his point he leaned his groin against Ianto’s.

“Fuck off, space boy,” Ianto shoving the time agent backwards.

14 laughed, holding up the stun gun hr grabbed out of Ianto’s hand. He pushed back against Ianto; he gave the Welshman a kiss. It was all teeth and tongue. Ianto fought against the onslaught. He used all his strength and lifted his knee hard into the time agent’s groin.

“Oh, you like to play rough,” he gasped, grabbing Ianto by the collar.

“You aren’t my type.” Not yet, at least. There were a few night where he and Jack would test a few boundaries but neither of them really liked the rough stuff. A spanking or two that was a different story but it wasn’t one he was going to talk to a stranger about.

“Well, that’s all right, you’re someone’s type,” 14 said, “Someone is going to pay a hell of a lot for you.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Who wants me?”

“Don’t know, just that he wanted someone named Ianto Jones from the year 2009.”

“Ah too bad, you’ve got the wrong guy mate, and you are way off on the year. It’s 2008 and I’m James Bond.”

Good thing he couldn’t use his arm, he’s be hitting himself in the head.

“Nice try, Jones but believe me, this is not my first time to this lovely planet of yours. You work for some outfit called Torchwood. You like to think you’re so damn well hidden but you ask anyone around and they point to the quay and that little booth thing of yours.”

“What else did this person say?”

“Not much. I was told to stay away from a bloke in a long coat. You’re the only one my client wants. I was told how to disengage your communication device once I got you alone. And you my friend were described perfectly to me. I was even told about how cute your upturned nose was and how hot you look in the suits. I was told to follow the scent of coffee to find you. Once I knew what coffee was, it was simple. Just had to get you all looking for a weevil and get you alone. You and your team made it pretty damn easy,” 14 said, strapping some kind of band on Ianto’s wrist.

Ianto tried to turn out of the grip not Jack had on him. But the bigger man had hands made out of steal. Something the bruises on his hips could attest to.

“What’s this you put on me? Some kind of tracking device?”

“Sort of. It’s more so that where I go you go.”

“That makes no sense.”

“No, it probably wouldn’t in this backwater cess pool. Now shall we go? We’ve got an appointment to keep.”

Ianto gathered up all his strength and pulled his arm away from his captor. “I don’t think so, mate.” He turned and headed back up the alley. He could hear the time agent’s laugh fade away on to run right back into him a few yards before the opening into the street.

“You don’t get away from me that easily, Jones. Now why don’t you make it easy for us both and hold on.”

“Why don’t you fuck off and die?” Ianto tried to pushed him away but 14 was ready for him and grabbed him by both wrists. He managed to get Ianto’s wrists tucked in under his arm so that 14 still had his hands free. Ianto recognized Jack’s vortex manipulator on his captor’s forearm. He had a bad feeling about this.

“No, don’t so this. I’m sure I can make you a better deal.”

Not Jack leered at his with a predatory grin on his face. “Oh, I’m sure you could too but I was told no damaging the merchandise or not only could I kiss my finder’s fee, but my balls goodbye, and from the reputation of the man who wants you, I wouldn’t doubt it. Now, hold on tight, this isn’t going to be fun for you.”

Ianto screamed as he began to feel his body melting together and then be pulled apart.



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