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New WIP Fic: Gilt Cage. Fandom Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover Part 25

Author: Glenda

Rating: Adult Only

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/other.

Summary: Ianto has an historic stalker.

Warning: swearing, m/m kissing. Sex. A many of you have guess this in now an MPREG.

Just a reminder I do not own Torchwood, or Doctor some &%^@(  jerk .... Well, just to let you know I make no money and only intend this for entertainment.

Spoliers from The House of the Dead and Children of Earth belong to BBC and others.

This story takes place shortly after Meat. I liked the episode but it left a few question for me at the end.

The feedback and comments have been great and feed the muse. Hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 25

The meal was a quiet affair with Ianto trying to keep the conversation going with Jack offering no help except for death glares at each of their guests as he asked any of them questions.

He smiled gratefully at Amy who tried to help by chatting about the fancy dining room. He hoped Jack would at least take credit for the room but once again he got nothing. “Thank you,” he said politely. “This is the first time we’ve ever eaten here. We usually prefer eating in the kitchen or upstairs in the bedroom.”

They stared at each other as they finished the last of their roast dinner. Ianto jumped to his feet when he had the last bite.

“I’ll be right back with coffee.”

He was sure they would spend the time trying to get Jack to send him back home but he couldn’t spend another second in that room. It felt like the sword of Damocles hanging over him. Maybe Jack had been right, perhaps they should have sent the Doctor and his companions down to the village.

He knew the people of the town; they would care for the lost travellers until other accommodations could be found.

“I’ll carry that for you, Mr. Ianto,” Wooster offered once Ianto had finished brewing his liquid gold.

“Thank you. That would be lovely.”

He was sure to make enough noise so that they would stop talking before he entered the room, since he was sure he was the main topic being discussed.

“Place that on the sideboard, Wooster.”

“Yes, Mr. Ianto. Shall I bring dessert?”

“Take it to the sitting room please.” He was tired of the oppressiveness of the dining room. He had always thought it would be grand to have just a room to use for eating but at this moment he didn’t think he would step in here again.

“So, Doctor, tell us your plan to get back home,” Ianto said, pouring coffee for their guests. He was tired off pussyfooting around the problem, and right now that was a time lord in a bloody awful bowtie.

“I am hoping that by using Jack’s vortex manipulator I’ll be able to track the TARDIS’ time signature. It won’t be the best ride but once I lock onto the old girl I’ll be able to figure out a way to bring it back here to gather everyone up and head on our way.”

Ianto couldn’t miss the anger shining in Jack’s eyes.

“I don’t think so, Doctor,” Jack said. “As far as I’m concerned you should just plan on making Grai Cymru your new home. I’ll have my coffee later, Ianto.” Jack walked out the door without a backward glance.

Ianto sat back down at the dining table feeling dejected. He understood why Jack wanted them gone. He wasn’t all that happy about having them but they had to come to some kind of compromise or they would just keep demanding he leave with them. Once they left Ianto wanted to make damn sure they wouldn’t come back ever again.

“Excellent coffee, Mr. Jones,” River said. “It rivals the best I had on Kroxis V.”

“Thank you but please call me Ianto. I’ve always found that a good cup of coffee can solve a lot of problems or at least make the negotiations a little easier.”

“Is that what we’re doing here, Ianto?” The Doctor asked. “Negotiating?”

“If that’s what you want to call it. I won’t let you hurt Jack. You managed to do that more than enough in his long life.”

“I never meant to hurt anyone, Jack least of all. He was a good friend, maybe even when I didn’t always deserve one.”

“From what Jack has told me over these last few weeks about you, you never mean to hurt anyone. It just seems to be a by-product of travelling with you.”

Amy gave a little laugh.

“Something strikes you as amusing, Mrs. Pond,” Ianto said.

“It’s Williams,” Rory said.

“My apologies.”

Amy shot a withering look at her husband. “Please, just call me Amy. And yes, I was just thinking back to the Captain Harkness we met in Cardiff. He was quite worried that you would run away with the Doctor at the first chance. I can safely say that won’t be happening any time soon.”

Ianto looked over at the Doctor. He could admit there was something striking about the youngish looking man with the strange taste in clothing but there was nothing compelling about him like that was about Jack. For any Jack he would walk through the fires of hell.

Jack had somehow managed to get under his defences early on. Even before the whole cyberwoman incident and his future with Lisa gone up in smoke; he had wanted Jack in a way he had never experienced before. He had never been attracted to another man in his life before he met Jack Harkness. Sure he could look at a guy and say he was all right but he never wanted them to bed him until Jack fell into his arms that night in the warehouse.

All of his preconceived notions about himself flew out the window when they went dino hunting. The minute Jack touched him he was ready to confessed all. He was about to tell Jack everything about Lisa then he offered him a job at Torchwood 3 and he was so in shock he never mention the truth about the terrible fate of his not quite so dead girlfriend until that fateful night.

He was under no illusion then or now. If he had told Jack about Lisa, he still would have killed it, and he would have been right.

It had been a hard lesson for him to learn and one he had fought against learning but it had led to an understanding between he and Jack that eventually led them to a better understanding of each other which somehow got them to here and now.

To this quiet life that wasn’t going to end in some horrible death. It was something he thought he could never have, let alone have it with Jack.

It might not be with the Jack he met in Cardiff, this Jack had under gone some profound loses. But there was no doubt this Jack was everything he could ever have hoped for. He wasn’t going to let anything or one destroy his lover, especially not some overgrown boy scout in a bow tie.

“Jack has nothing to worry about. I’ve had enough of chasing aliens and running for my life, thank you. I’m more than ready for a quiet life in the country.”

“Mr. Ianto, if you are all done eating I’ve placed some of Cook’s apple strudel and some of the local cheese in the sitting room,” Wooster said, as he started to clear away the dirty dishes.

“Thank you. Everyone, why don’t we head down the hall to the best dessert you will ever have.”

Ianto watched as their not so welcomed guests left the room talking about how they didn’t think they could eat another bite but would be willing to try.

“Wooster did you see which way Jack went?”

“Yes, he went upstairs. He seemed most upset. He does not seem to welcome our guests.”

“He’s not the only ones but it’s easier to keep an eye on them here then let them wander around the village getting into trouble on their own.”

“I understand. I will pass the word along to Cook to give them the upmost respect but to not trust them.”

“Exactly. Thank you for all your help, Wooster.”

“That’s why I am here, Mr. Ianto.”

Ianto headed for the door but was stopped by the Doctor standing in it.

“Can I help you, Doctor?”

“I think we should talk, don’t you?”

“About what?”


Talking about himself was not one of his favourite subjects but he didn’t think the Doctor was someone he could just fob off.

“Fine, follow me; we can talk in the study.”

Ianto led the Doctor down the hall away from the sitting room and into a library. Jack said it had almost every book ever printed.

He had a chance to look around it when he first came here. Jack had divided it into languages. He had looked at a few of the more alien ones but stuck with the ones written in English. Although why Jack felt the need to get Barbara Cartland, he would never understand.

“Have a seat,” Ianto said, pointing to a large overstuffed dark brown leather chair. “I think I already have an idea about what it is you want to talk about.” He sat down across from the Doctor.

“You do?” The Doctor sat down but soon wiggled himself to the edge of the chair. He reminded Ianto of a jack-in-the-box waiting to spring. Ianto wasn’t sure if there was even a point to this conversation. He knew the Doctor was determined he had to return back to Cardiff to preserve the timelines.

“I’m not an idiot, Doctor. I wouldn’t have survived working for any branch of Torchwood if I was.”

“True, Yvonne Hartman was a woman who didn’t tolerate fools well.”

“Neither does Jack Harkness, something I found out the hard way.”

“You know you can’t stay here.”

“Not wasting any time are you? Not that it matters from the way it looks you’re the one who is stuck here.”

“So, back to negotiating?”

“If you like. Jack wants you gone but one should keep their enemies close.”

“I am not your enemy.”

“You aren’t exactly what I would call a friend either.”

“Perhaps not yet.”

“Not ever, Doctor, you might have convinced all your little friends that you’re some benevolent helpful little alien but I know the real you. I worked in the archives at Canary Wharf before coming to Cardiff. Jack’s right you are dangerous.”

“Torchwood is hardly unbiased.”

“True but you can’t argue about the body count. Wherever you go appear, people seem to die.”

“This isn’t about me, or the mistakes I’ve made, you best keep that in mind, Mr. Jones. Your boyfriend has made a big miscalculation. You have to return to Earth a lot depends on you being there.”

Ianto got to his feet. “I don’t have to do anything. Do you really expect me to believe that I make that big of a difference to the world?”

“You do, but I’m sure Jack’s has told you about all that.”

“No, I won’t let him.” He wasn’t sure why but every time Jack tried to bring up how he died he would distract the older man. He knew intellectually he was dead and had been for thousands of years for Jack but it seemed like he was courting disaster.

“Because you know you need to go back and if you knew how you died you might change things.”

“I don’t need you playing psychiatrist. We both know you aren’t a real doctor. No, sir, it doesn’t matter what you think or want I’m not giving up this life.”

“Why? Because you deserve it?”

“No, because Jack does. For some unknown reason Jack loves me and he went to all this trouble, time and expense to get me here I won’t leave him again not even for the world.” Ianto looked at the Doctor; he wore a look of confusion and resignation. “You can’t understand, can you? That love can trump anything. I do pity you.”

Ianto headed for the door. He needed to see Jack.

“I need Jack’s vortex manipulator. I can fix it and use it to try and find the TARDIS. Maybe he’ll listen to you.”

Ianto shook his head. “Then what happens when you find your ship? Are you going to come back here again?”

“Certain things have to happen, Ianto, I’m sorry.”

“You’ll have to talk to Jack about that. I won’t go behind his back. Good night, Doctor, I trust you and your companions can find their room without my help. If you need anything you can ask Wooster for help.”

Ianto refused to look back, all he wanted, was to find Jack and hold him. He hurried up the stairs to their room. He took a deep breath as he opened the door. There was a strange scent. It was Jack’s pheromones but they seemed stronger but instead of driving him wild with need he just wanted to hold his lover and protect him from the evils surrounding them.

“Hey,” Jack said from the middle of the four-poster bed. “Something wrong?”

Ianto shook his head, as he slid in next to Jack who was still dressed. “No, just missed you.”

Jack snuggled in closer. “I always miss you even when you’ve just gone off to the bathroom. I worry that you won’t come back to me and that this is all just some kind of hallucination and that I’m stuck in some intergalactic mental ward.”

Ianto smiled and gave Jack’s lips a gentle kiss. “I’m here and you aren’t getting rid of me for at least a hundred years maybe even more.”

“I like the sound of that, baby.”

They laid there just lost in the feeling of being with the one they loved.



“How did I die? What brought us to this point?”

“You really want to know? It’s not a pretty story. I did some really horrible things.”

“Yep, I think I need to know,” Ianto said biting his lip. He knew he should say no but the Doctor was wrong he wasn’t afraid to know he was scared that once he found out the truth he would have to go back.

“It was an alien plague...”

Ianto listened as Jack described all the events that led to his death and the death of his only child’s child.

“You okay?” Jack asked when he was done the story.

“I’m not sure.”

“Do you hate me?”

“Hate you? God, no, how could I?”

“I killed my own flesh and blood to avenge you. I know you wouldn’t have wanted me to but at the time I just wanted those animals to pay for what they did to you.”

“You’re right I wouldn’t have wanted that but it’s going to be okay. I was worried that once I found out how I died I was going to have to go back, but if I stay here there won’t be any reason for you to kill Stephen.”

“You really are going to stay.”

Ianto kissed Jack’s forehead. “Yeah I’m staying for as long as I can breathe I’ll be by your side. Now, get some sleep, you’re looking tired.”

“I have more to tell you.”

“Tomorrow. We have all our tomorrows.”


Ianto didn’t care if he was falling asleep in his clothes, he had Jack in his arms and that’s all that would ever matter to him.




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