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New WIP Fic Love Will Lead You Home Part 6

Title: Love Will Lead You Home
Author: Glenda
Summary: Gwen Cooper
doesn’t want to marry Captain Jack Harkness so she sends her cousin
Ianto in her place. The only problem Ianto didn’t agree to help, and
Jack is expecting a woman. What happens when things do go as planned? An
AU that has a bit from everywhere most of it is my own creation but any
characters you recognize belong to RTD, and BBC. I am making no profit
from this.
Warnings: Swearing, schmoop, man love, big AU, cross dressing,

Not sure when I'll get back to this story as NANO is starting in a couple of days. I'm working on a Post Mircale Day with a Ianto twist.

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Tags: au, fairy tale janto

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