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NCIS/Torchwood Crossover Home Part 2

Author: Glenda
Fandom: NCIS/TW crossover
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, DiNozzo/Gibbs, DiNozzo/Ianto.
Disclaimer: I owe neither NCIS or Torchwood. I'm only doing this for fun. I am not making any money.
Thanks to my beta Cath for pointing out my glaring mistakes, and of the small ones are mine alone.
Notes: There is an MPREG in the history. I still haven't completely decided who will end up with whom. So any suggestions are welcomedl
Summary: Jack gets a call from an old friend and ends up in Washington DC where no one is happy to see him.

Part 2

He watched as Tony headed into the back of the cafe. He had a small nursery set up for his little girl. Maegan had been the best thing to happen to him in a very long time. The one bright thing that came out of his years-

No! No, he wasn’t going to go down this road. A little less than eighteen months ago he left the only place he had ever called home; and now was hardly the time to think about J... or Cardiff. He had a great guy in his life and a baby. Life couldn’t get much better, could it?

He shivered. He should know better than to ask stupid things like that.

He looked at the table, and shook his head. Tony might be a snappy dresser but he always seemed to leave a mess. He cleaned up the crumbs, and removed the cold coffee mug. He went back to wipe the table down, when he noticed the photos; his heart froze.

He thought he was a long way from seeing a human being with its throat ripped out. He couldn’t miss the jagged skin where the jugular should have been. He said a small prayer and pulled out his mobile.

He could call UNIT, but that would bring it right back to Jack, and he had managed to avoid that for nearly two years. Gwen? His ears didn’t think he could stand the screaming she was sure to do, and he knew she would be calling Jack before he even got out a hello. Mickey? The tech was no where near as good as Tosh, but he would be able to give him the info he needed about the rift. However, could he keep a secret?

He and Martha had only been with Torchwood Cardiff a couple of months before he left.

Martha! He dialled the number from memory.

He wasn’t sure to be relieved or not when he got the answering machine.

He listened to Martha and Tom’s joint greeting. He wondered, if they had finally managed to tie the knot?

“Hi, Martha, I know long time no chat but I have a huge favour to ask of you. I know I don’t have to say it, but I’m going too, please don’t tell Jack about this. Can you look to see if there has been any rift activity on the eastern seaboard of the United States? I would ask Unit but then they’d probably go blabbing right to Jack, and we don’t want that, do we? Well, I don’t. Let me know once you have an answer. I think, no, I know we have a weevil problem around here. It seems they’ve developed a taste for navy personnel. Thank you, Doctor Jones. You have my number. Oh gotta go.”

He hung up when he heard the door from the back open.

He smiled at his two favourite people. He couldn’t believe how fast Mae had taken to Tony or him with her. He never really thought much about dating since he lost Lisa, and those few attempts on Jack’s part were hardly dates, more like sex with a quick meal first.

The single and not so single moms who frequented his shop were always telling him that having a kid would make it impossible to find someone. Guess they never met Tony DiNozzo.

He put down the picture and reached out for Mae.

“Pretty gruesome, huh? I thought Probie was going to lose his lunch.”

“I’ve seen this before,” Ian pointed at the pictures.


“Back in Wales. I had hoped I would never see it again.”

“Who did this?”

“Not who, what.”

Tony laughed. “Sure, Ian. Fine, I’ll bite. What caused this?”

“If I’m right, and I’m always right. You have a bigger problem than you can imagine. These creatures travel in packs, and have no concept of human life.”

“Ian, stop it. You’re scaring the crap out of me.”

Ian turned toward him. Tony had never seen such a haunted look before.

“You should be,” Ian said giving Mae a kiss on her cheek.

“So what is it?”

“A weevil.”

“What the hell is a weevil?” Tony asked.

“Sit down. I have a lot to tell you.”


“Please, sit down. This is going to take a while.” He put Mae in her highchair and grabbed a few cookies.

“Have you ever heard of UNIT, or Torchwood?”

“Can’t say that I have. Is it important?”

“It would have been easier but no not necessary. God, this harder than I thought.”

Tony reached out for his hand. “Just tell me.”

“My name is not Ian, it’s Ianto. I used to work for this place called Torchwood.”

“You left willingly?”

“Not exactly. Torchwood is sort of a life long commitment.”

“You’re making it sound like the mob, or the CIA,

“Damn, I wish I could tell you about all of this but...”

“But what?”

“It’s sort of a question of national security.”


“Yours and mine. Maybe I should talk to Gibbs? That way I can tell you and your team all that I know. Then you can all think I’m crazy at the same time.”

Ianto jumped when he felt Tony’s hand on his. “Ian, I mean Ianto-”

“Ian’s fine. I rather liked the life he lives. A far cry from watching your friends and lovers die.”

“I think you should just come out and tell me what it is that were dealing with. If Gibbs’ is going to think you’re crazy than we’ll have to show a united front.”

“Fine, you want to know what a weevil is?”

“Not sure I want to but I think I need to.”

“It’s an alien that comes through a rift in space and time and until I saw those pictures, I would have sworn the only ones were found in Cardiff. You have no idea what kind of damage they can do.”

“How can you be sure that what killed Kenaston is a... What did you call it?”


“Yeah, a weevil.”

“I saw many attacks back in Cardiff; part of my job at the time was cleaning up the messes that were left behind. I know what happened to your Lance corporal was definitely a weevil attack.” Ianto pulled out a picture. “See this jagged area? It looks like a pair of pinking sheers went at him. That’s all I needed to see, that and the blood. He was an all you can eat buffet.”

He waited for Tony to laugh, or at least smile but he got neither.

“Well, I never thought we were alone in the universe. Especially not after the president was shot on TV but still it is strange hearing you say it so matter-of-factly. What do these things look like?” Tony took out his note book.

“Not that tall, maybe five feet five or six, tough leathery skin, like a prune. They have razor sharp teeth, sort of like a shark’s. They live totally by animal instinct. For the most part they live in packs in the sewers, feeding off of whatever they can find but every once in a while one or two go rogue. Bullets don’t really stop them. Back at Torchwood we had this spray that could subdue them but it would only work for a while before Owen would have to change the formula up.”

“Let’s get a hold of the Owen and get him to send us some.”

Ianto shook his head. “We can’t. He’s dead, almost two years now.”


“He was a prat but there aren’t too many days when I don’t think about him or Tosh. We lost them on the same mission.”

“Is that when you decided to come here?”

“It was when I started to think about making my escape but there were other reasons for me to leave.” He reached over to brush a stray curl out of Mae’s face. “Torchwood isn’t a family friendly place.”

Ianto looked at Tony when he phone started to ring.

“Shit, my thirty minutes were up five minutes ago. You have to come with me; tell Gibbs what you know.”

“You think he’s going to believe me?”

“If what you’re saying is true, and I do believe you are, then we are going to have to make him believe. Get a bag for Mae while I calm the beast down. If I tell him I was checking out a lead then he’ll be a little forgiving. Maybe even understanding if I tell him I’m bringing some of your coffee with me.”

Ianto went to gather Mae’s things, but he couldn’t help thinking that his life was about to go to hell in a hand basket.



Tags: mpreg, ncis/torchwood crossover

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