gkbgood (gkbgood) wrote,

NCIS/Torchwood Crossover Home Part 17

Author: Glenda

Fandom: NCIS/TW crossover Pairing: Jack/Ianto, DiNozzo/Gibbs, DiNozzo/Ianto.

Disclaimer: I owe neither NCIS or Torchwood. I'm only doing this for fun. I am not making any money. Thanks to my beta Cath for pointing out my glaring mistakes, and of the small ones are mine alone.

Summary: Jack gets a call from an old friend and ends up in Washington DC where no one is happy to see him.I owe neither NCIS nor Torchwood. I wrote only for the fun of it and I do not make any money from it.I started this story before Children of Earth started so this is very AU Rating: R, some adult situations and swearing.

I know I haven't posted in a while, just trying to find a space in the house to write.


Home Part 17

Ianto laid Tony down on the large bed next to an almost undressed Gibbs. He and Jack had talked about leaving the couple back at the coffee shop but there would have been too many questions and he knew Tony and Gibbs were not the kind to walk away from a mystery. It was their job after all.

 One of Ianto's many jobs before he left Torchwood was retconning people. The one trick to a successful job was leaving as few clues as possible that could trigger a flashback.

Letting Tony and Gibbs wake up in the empty cafe would set off too many flags for them to ignore. Now an empty bottle of bourbon lying next to two half filled glasses; while not filling in all the blanks would at least get them looking in the right direction. The lack of clothes would get them finally admitting their feelings for each other. At least that was what he hoped, as he finished taking off Tony's pants.

"Should I be worried about how easily you're able to get DiNozzo out of his pants?"

Ianto didn't have to turn around to know that Jack would be leaning against the door, trying to look all relaxed. But he could sense the nervousness in his ex-lover.

"If you're going to suggest a foursome-"

"I wouldn't dream of it." Ianto startled when Jack's arms wrapped around his waist. "I have no plans to share you with anyone. Not even Torchwood."


Ianto turned around to look Jack in the eyes. Those beautiful blue orbs were full of an emotion Ianto couldn't recall having ever seen before, Jack looked scared. But scared about what?"

"What are you trying to tell me, Captain?"

"I mean it, Ianto, I'm not loosing you or Mae one minute sooner than I have to and if that means finding a nice sheep farm for you to live the rest of your life out that's what I'll do."

Ianto chuckled. "Not sure I can see you in a pair of Wellington's."

"I can make anything dashing, you know that."

"I do, but don't worry, I'm not about to take you away the things you love."

"That's just it, that's all they are, things. You and Mae mean more to me than anything you can imagine, and that means Torchwood, the Doctor's calls for help, aliens or even saving the planet."

"Knowing you were still at Torchwood making the world safe for Mae and other children made everything seem okay, especially, when I thought the loneliness was going to sweep me away."

"Making sure the planet was looked after gave me a purpose while I was waiting for the Doctor to come back and answer my questions but once you left I realized that without you to share my life none of it really mattered. Look, I know that a few sappy words of devotion won't change things right away between us but I want you to know that I meant it all, I want to marry you, I love you and I hope when we get back home you'll feel-"

Ianto shut Jack up the best way he knew, he kissed him. God, he had missed the feel of Jack in his arms. He wrapped his arms around Jack's shoulders, his fingers running through the Captain's over styled hair. The best way to describe it was coming home.

Sometimes in the middle of the night he would reach out for Jack's warmth but all he ever got was cold sheets. It had gotten a little better when he met Tony.  The nights weren't as lonely but he still  found himself thinking about Jack whenever he was alone.

He knew he could have been content with Tony, the older man loved Mae but if they had tried to make a go of it they would both have just been settling for second best.

He lost himself in the feel of Jack's tongue caressing his. Ianto ran his hands over Jack's military coat.

"I have missed this coat," he panted, as he pulled away from Jack's mouth.

"What about what's in the coat?"

"Maybe, a little," Ianto said with a grin. He ran his hand down Jack's chest, and gently patted the slight bulge he felt. "But we can't do anything about that now. We have much to do before we catch our flight back to Cardiff. We have to get Ducky home, and get Mae back from Abby., which won't be an easy feat, especially if she finds out we're leaving town. Mae loves Abby, and she loves our little girl. I'll have to show you the Goth outfit Abby gave her for Halloween."

Jack grabbed Ianto by the wrist as he continued to rub against the growing  erection. "Then you had better stop that or I'm going to shove DiNozzo and Gibbs off that bed -"

Ianto pulled his hands back from Jack's grip."I get the point."

"But  I doubt Gibbs would deny us a few moments of fun," Jack said, moving toward Ianto.

"He might not, but I don't have your exhibitionist streak."

"We could cover their eyes," Jack kept moving toward Ianto like a panther about to jump his prey.

Ianto gave Jack a sly smile. "Another time, sir, you can jump me, but right now we have to figure out how the hell we are getting Martha back to Cardiff without anyone from NCIS noticing that Captain Jack Harkness was the one who signed her out against medical advice."

"Always so damn practical." Jack pulled Ianto against his chest, giving the younger man a quick but thorough kiss. "You win, but that's only because there is no way I'm going to let one tumbled today mess up the next fifty years of making love."

Ianto stared at Jack. "What are you talking about?"

"The sooner I get you and Mae back home the sooner we can start our lives together. Find that nice safe sheep farm, or maybe a nice shop in Swansea. Not to mention we have a wedding to plan."

Ianto smiled; he loved that Jack was determined to keep he and Mae safe, and until now he was sure that was what he wanted but thinking about Cardiff and Torchwood he wasn't sure he would be able to walk away from Gwen, Martha and the rest of the team. "We'll talk about that when we get home, all right?"

Jack gave Ianto the brightest smile he had ever seen. It had been a long time since he had seen those blue eyes twinkling with happiness.

"We can also talk about giving Mae a brother or a sister too. It's been a long time since I was pregnant."

Ianto was sure he was going to faint.



Tags: ianto/tony, jack/ianto, ncis/torchwood crossover, tony/gibbs

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